Cloud Based Credit Protection

5 stars

CBCP ScreenshotSimplicity and design — this is a service going for the nuts and bolts and bread and butter of what makes identity theft tick: your credit. It revolves all around your credit score. Cloud Based Credit Protection goes for the heart of it all, monitoring your credit and focusing on one credit bureau, TransUnion, to obtain your credit score every month.

Truthfully, that’s the ideal benefit you get from this service, earning the five stars despite having just a $25K insurance policy on your identity. The 7-day trial is also only $3 and then an easy monthly payment of $19 for comprehensive services. No additional plans or upselling necessary for this one. You can call them at 888-200-4147 to speak with a professional about any questions you may have as well. Dedicated customer service. True value. Here are some of the features included:

  • Credit Monitoring Services
  • Identity Alert Notifications
  • Flexible Service Upgrades (Additional Bureau Reports)

The angle for this service is convenience and control. You have the power to see what’s going on with your credit report; and for many, that’s all that’s necessary to ensure you’re protected.

If you want to learn more about Cloud Based Credit Protection, or want to sign up for your $3 free trial, click here.