Identity Guard

5 stars

Identity Guard ScreenshotNeedless to say, the threat of identity theft is so great that even in this industry, there has to be a bit of competition, the industry healthy with options for the consumer. LifeLock’s main competitor, Identity Guard, matches benefits with their three plans EssentialsTotal Protection, and Platinum focusing on their holy trinity of true identity theft protection: monitorprotect, and recover, a similar strategy to LifeLock’s, but oftentimes just as effective for the everyday consumer.

They do offer the $1MM policy as LifeLock does — you can also “test drive” the service with a free trial of any of the three packages, and they offer a few additional services, such as address change monitoring, mobile account access, public record monitoring, PC keyboard encryption, and premium antivirus software to protect from cyber-thieves. Those added incentives are, however, appropriated with the Total Protection and Platinum plans, but they’re well worth the investment. All plans provide extensive alerts to keep you posted on your vital information, even when something as simple as your daughter opening up a new bank account happens to show up on your credit report. In essence, they truly don’t leave any stone unturned. Their identity theft protection coverages include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Online “Black Market” Analysis
  • Identification Verification
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Credit Report Access (Credit Bureaus)

Without a doubt, you’re not at a loss for services when it comes to Identity Guard. And the service is similar to LifeLock, so really what it would all boil down to is premium customer service. You win either way: the consumer gets the deserved identity theft protection, plain and simple.

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