Ultimate Identity Protection

5 stars

UIP ScreenshotThere’s a reason why they call it ‘ultimate’. In going into detail on what the Ultimate Identity Protection, this takes a policy very much like the Identity Guards and LifeLocks out there and packages it with so many other services linked to crucial identity theft protection, covering you from all bases for a low cost. What do customers pay for a plan with the Ultimate Identity Protection?

You can set up a trial run with the $9.99 plan for as little as one George Washington bill: a dollar. And you get all the protection, alerts, and restoration services standard with the policy, plus a $25K insurance promise that if anything ever happened to your identity, the Ultimate Identity Protection would do everything it can to restore it for you — everything from financial losses, document replacement, up to $25K in your policy.

That’s not all as to why the Ultimate Identity Protection gets the 5-star mark, though. When it comes to identity, they understand. That’s why several other services are included, such as legal care, tax preparation, financial education, credit counseling, and all sorts of family services available. In other words, Ultimate Identity Protection goes the extra mile to make sure not only you are protected — but everything around you is protected as well. Easily a winner in our book.

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